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Online Team Order Forms

Every year there is one thing that every coach / team parent / administrator dreads – equipment and apparel ordering.Why is it so hated? Because it’s just too much work for too many people. It turns into a complex, often disorganized coordination of coaches, managers, and volunteer parents just to make sure that everyone has their “stuff”--fitted and ready to go--by the First Event.


There really is A BETTER WAY! By transitioning your Teams to Automated, Online Team Ordering, the entirety of the ordering and fulfillment process is handled FOR YOU.You can turn the sprawling mess and chaos into a simplified, perfectly harmonized team that is ready to win!

By collecting and managing orders online, these activities are ELIMINATED. The money is collected automatically via the online platform when the player places their order.

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Online Fundraiser

Nobody really “likes” doing online fundraising. That’s where WE step in and take the troubles away! We take your ideas, thoughts, passions, and turn them into Your Fundraiser tees! Maybe that isn’t sinking in yet…we will put the FUN back into Fundraising! Fill out this form to get started or give us a call!

We take your ideas, make you your very own online store, and you share Your Fund-raiser-tees

We make you a custom store with a unique URL for you to share on social media, email blasts, or however you see fit!

After your store closes we will print and individually package each order.  If you chose to have direct shipping available to your customers, we will ship those orders out as well.  We then give you a call and you can pick up the rest of the orders to complete “Your Online Fundraiser” campaign.


What we need from you

    • A name for your campaign

    • Dates you would like your campaign to run

    • Artwork 

    • Select garment(s) you want to sell

    • Pricing setup (what you would like to sell Your tees for)

    • Share Your tees campaign with everyone you know!!


What you get from us

  • A personalized, customized web store

  • If you need artwork, we have in-house artists that would love to create your original artwork

  • Pricing structure to help make your campaign successful

  • Digital flyer to help when you promote your campaign

  • Individually packaged orders to make distribution a breeze

  • A great fundraising experience without all the hassle

  • Your fundraiser check!!


Team Wear - Uniforms - Spirt Wear

Fundraising – Raise More Money for Your Team Did you know you can increase your apparel fundraising programs by 200-300% by adding in spirit / fan wear to your online uniform orders? It’s A FACT! On average, stand-alone apparel fundraisers yield orders from about 15-30% of parents.

People are the most excited to support their organization when choosing their player’s uniform and gear. Capture their attention and use this valuable opportunity to help your organization meet its fundraising goals.

Players and parents are bombarded with paperwork each day – at work, at school, at team registration. Who wants or needs more HOMEWORK? Here’s a glimpse of the obvious...parents and players are ALREADY actively online! When they have the opportunity to now shop when and where they want, they are happier. And the best part--using our platform not only automates ordering, but faciliates communication to everyone automatically. Teams and their parents love ordering online so much that 100% of organizations have opted to re-order online.

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